Services we offer

Gilmour Engineering Services Ltd offer a full design service allowing us to take your application from a basic concept through to release for construction.


The services we provide includes the following for both onshore and offshore applications:


  • Frame design and stress analysis.
  • Detailed FEA stress analysis of components.
  • Plated structure design and stress analysis.
  • All of the above can be completed to include wind load and offshore acceleration loads.
  • The above is a summary of our expertise, we can meet all of the analysis requirements for structural verification in accordance with DNV, Lloyds, BS/Eurocodes, AISC.



  • Heavy mechanical handling equipment design with experience designing for capacities from 1tonne to 1000tonnes.
  • Articulated joint/mechanism design and hydraulic actuator selection.
  • Hydraulic drive systems, gearbox and drive gear/ pinion selection and design.
  • High and low speed rolling element and static bearing selection and design.
  • Winch and storage drum layout design.


Lifting equipment

Lifting components are critical to the safety of any operation.  We offer a full design service for your application including:

  • Rigging and lifting point design, verification and component specification.
  • Lifting spreader beam and spreader frame design.
  • Load test specification.
  • Operational planning support.


Seafastening design

We have a wide experience of seafastening design including the design and verification of cleats, stop plates and lashings along with grillage and bespoke transit frames and skids.

This service can include the specification for a deck integrity/ load capacity check.

Hydraulic System design

We offer a hydraulic design service for industrial and mobile applications, from upgrade and modification of existing systems to complete design from scratch, including:

  • Overall system scheme.
  • Detailed parts specification.
  • Hydraulic power unit specification (open and closed loop).
  • Control valve selection.
  • Actuator selection


Mooring System design

Although not the main part of our business we can offer a mooring system design service on an advisory basis:

  • Verification of multipoint composite catenary mooring systems and single point (Admiralty type) mooring systems.
  • Anchor selection and sizing for drag embedment and gravity anchors.  We can supply loading information for the sizing of subsea pile anchors.