About Us

With almost a century of design experience to call on we are well placed to address the toughest challenges faced by the industry.  We are experienced in supporting offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and general marine engineering applications (including harbour projects, leisure marine and aquaculture) .   We have experience working onshore Civil Nuclear and Nuclear defence projects.



The goal of the company is to provide a safe, robust and reliable design service in an efficient and cost effective manner.

  • We believe that our dealings with our client should be a collaboration throughout a project, where communication is key at all stages to ensuring a successful outcome.
  • We have developed systems internally that have been proven to significantly streamline the verification process whilst not compromising on the accuracy of the results.
  • We are experienced in delivering demanding design packages within tight timescales, and limited resources.
  • We have extensive experience in project management, and apply the principals of this along with a strong commercial awareness to design and verification projects.
  • We have extensive practical hands-on experience working with the type of equipment we design, and this gives us the ability to design for maximum efficiency both during construction and use.
  • We are fully qualified and accredited engineers with Chartered status allowing us to sign off on completed design and verification work.